a Global Solidarity Chain with the Belarusian people, 23.08.2020
Recently, the whole world has witnessed the incredible awakening of the Belarusian nation, which entered with one heart and soul on the path of freedom and liberation from the dictatorship, which has shown its true face, starting a bloody and inhuman war with its people.

Belarusians come out and demand to respect their real choice, which they made in the 2020 presidential election, insist on the release of all political prisoners and other people who are still innocently detained in conditions completely incompatible with human honor. Workers in large Belarusian factories set up strike committees and declared a national strike until the regime fulfilled all their demands.

In 1989, 25% of the population of the three Baltic republics - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia - lined up in the 670-kilometer-long Living Chain, thus connecting Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

On the 31st anniversary of the Baltic Way, initiative groups from Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Georgia and Moldova want to arrange the Living Chain (Lanzug) of solidarity with the Belarusian people, which would connect spiritually, and possibly physically, our cities and villages. The historical global event is scheduled for Sunday, August 23, 2020, at 19:00 (Minsk, Kyiv, Vilnius, Tallinn time).

Alexander Lukashenko has already instructed the law enforcement agencies to prevent the realization of this idea on the territory of Belarus.

We call on the representatives of all free nations of the world to support this action, which will be a clear proof that our people are united in their desires and goals: to live in freedom, peace and prosperity, to prevent bloodshed, cruelty, murder and torture.

May our global #FreedomWay Chain be the path of prayer and good that can break all chains of evil and hatred, may all religions and faiths, and citizens for whom freedom is important, support Belarusians who are in the process of freeing themselves from the dictatorship that lasted 26 years.

Alice Syrakvash, coordinator of the Belarusian Community in France

fr. Anton Gelyasov, priest of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of France,

almoner of the Belarusian Community in France

Pavel Marynich, Civic Platform Zubr

Andriy Stryzhak, National Strike Committee of Belarus

Violeta Moskalu, PhD, University of Lorraine (France), initiator of #FreedomWay in Global Ukraine

Mykhaylo Kukonin, Global Ukraine Representative in France

Gennady Druzenko, lawyer, publicist, volunteer, co-founder and head of the Mykola Pirogov First Voluntary Mobile Hospital (PFVMH) (Ukraine)

Ekaterina Ziuziuk, spokeswoman of the Belarusian Association in Italy

Ana Ursachi, Moldovan lawyer and human rights defender, president of "Freedom Advocacy" Foundation (Moldova)

Alexander Adamkovich, head of the Association of Belarusian Culture in Lithuania

Ales Lahviniec, professor, public activist

#GlobalFreedomWay 2020 brought together 73 cities from 32 countries in Europe and the world.
Love and Freedom spirit will defeat tyranny !